Happy New Year to all fabbers!

I do have some style and wardrobe goals percolating for a post.

BUT I’m thinking of buying a handbag today ( of all days) because I’ve eyed it before and it’s to go on deeper sale today.
Before any salivating over some luscious bag, see Find as this is a Patricia Nash painted floral bag that is more casual.
I have had another PN bag for about 5 years now that I use every summer. I cannot explain why I like patterned bags, but I do.
IRL to my eye the blues are softer though still deep and the greens are more teal. I’m not really a “ Blue person” but have noted how blues, Blue- gray, sea foam, teal “ “ pop” against my burgundies, blacks and grays compared to wearing my solid burgundy bag. The print has a touch of bugundy- reds in it that I think, according to Angie- theory, can mix with a variety of shades of burgundy, cherry, cranberry that I might wear and could pattern- mix with subtle stripes and plaids. . I had assumed that even if I got another PN floral, I’d be looking for one with a lot more “ reds” in it, so I was surprised to find myself attracted to this one.

Anyhow, fire away with pros and cons if you have them.

I am not a super- handbag person and have not been able to pick out bags I perhaps “ ought” to have, such as brand or fab quality . Instead I from time to time just am drawn to one.

I wish I could say also that I’m totally immune to “ what others think” but I’m not. Does this bag seem too ....? Flashy, odd? Cheap?
I realize it’s not to be my “ interview bag” and it’s intentional that it would go with jeans and casual wear as well as coordinating with the colors of my work wardrobe.

Anyhoo, fire away with pros and cons if you have them. I if course would give it the “ home mirror “ test to see if I just had store- fever or I still love it with my own outfits.

ETA, see update post- I didn’t get there in time!

Second ETA: bought one online after waiting a bit to see if that would go on sale. When it arrived the price had already gone down- so I hurried to get price adjustment in time. 

ETA III: Made a quick errand dash in kind of what I was wearing already--fleece leggings (a new thing for me) and burgundy cowl tunic, but managed to pry myself out of slippers and  into  sneaks (even though it's boot weather),  Yoana Baraschi topper

and the PN tote. Though this is a casual outfit, the colors are  winter workwear colors for a tryout, and in particular was seeing if I like it with burgundy (I do!) even though the "reds" in the bag are redder; there's also some plum so together the colors are kind of my type of "chameleon colors" which can skew different ways. And of course the bag stands out more against less somber colors--this outfit is pretty dark. #1 is against the gray topper and #2 is against the burgundy top.

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