AHA. Now I completely get it, Brooklyn. Makes sense, and thanks for the detailed explanation.

You look stunning and the new jeans fit well and show off those beautiful booties. The burgundy color is fab on you. I like your bag with this outfit

So cute! Looking better than the model did in the clothes is just a regular thing for you, isn't it?
That bag would be enough for me to do a 1 or 2 night getaway. Do you have secret plans?

I love how the new jeans show off your fabulous boots. The bag is a fun touch too.

Thanks Sara and Joy!

Ha ha fashiontern! I can fit my computer in that bag, plus the kitchen sink, and a few other essentials:) Thanks for your comments. I think that the photo of the model in the jeans is not the most interesting styling. She needs a BIG handbag!

Angie, this time of year I am constantly in and out of layers. I wish I had your tolerance for the heat. It would be very handy here.

Laurie, wow! Thanks! That is high praise indeed!

And thanks Jane, Lyn67, Sally and Shevia!

And I wish I had your tolerance for the cold. That would be handy HERE. *smiling*.

Brooklyn, I think cold weather is heading your way because it has been very cold and wet in the west. Yes, I have been making the most of the boot weather!

That's good because we could really use some rain. We've had a very dry winter.

...And some more boot wearing time would be good too

I'm so late to this post. But I wanted to say you look amazing. What struck me was not so much the jeans, which look great, but how fabulous that top/blazer are. They spoke to my soul.

I really love this look. Great coordination.