NOTE: see most recent post with pics

Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve been here. I know the “new full length” article is a month old but I thought I’d ask about it anyway as I haven’t been to YLF in a while!

I am really struggling making this new longer length work. I live in Canada (where it snows and is occasionally wet) and I commute by public transit or by foot on a daily basis. I’ve also donated almost all my footwear and only wear Fitflop sneakers and boots (1.5” flatforms all around) during the colder months. While I’m very partial to floor length pants with heels or flats, I’ve been finding them to be impractical.

In addition, i tend to “bat for team dressy” and am often wearing fluid silky blouses (with or without blazers) over flared/wide leg jeans or pants. I have a pair of American Eagle Artist Flares in the new full lengths but the outfit looks too “cobbled together” and “frumpy” with my dressy top and boots. My theory, though is that the flare is too narrow.

Ideally, I would love to make the new lengths work with flat dressy boots without looking “frumpy.” I’ve scoured the web for examples but I can’t find any that satisfies my style. Sneakers look fantastic in this length (I’ve made it work for weekends) but I don’t feel like “myself” when I wear them with my dressier tops (though I’ve seen this work on many women. It’s just not me).

If any Fabbers have made flat boots work with these new pant lengths, would you be able to share your examples with me?

Thanks so much!