Already on Angie's blog post today -- and in the forum -- there's been some discussion about getting the proportions of flares correct if you are on the shorter side -- and whether they can work for a variety of body types. Or how.

I wore flares along with everybody else back in the 70s. That's what we did. And I like the look. Like Angie, I would need to style it in a non-boho way to feel good in it, but as someone who wears denim almost every day, I am certainly in favour of different silhouettes, and unafraid to experiment with these. I particularly like the faded versions.

The two barriers for me are:

1. Climate. I fear I won't get a lot of wear from a jean that can't go out in inclement weather -- rain or snow, and that I won't wear in my hot summers.

2. Proportion. As several others have mentioned, it can be difficult to get proportions right on a shorter woman. At 5'4", I am not truly petite (and can't wear petite pants -- they are too short) -- but I'm obviously not as tall and willowy as a model. And as someone whose thighs are my curviest feature, I tend to feel a bit like Leoparddluxe; I worry that it makes me look bigger than I am.

Here are my old GAP Long and Leans. These are technically boot cuts. I had them hemmed by several inches because they were way too long at purchase. They work with a 2.75 inch heel for me. (I've actually got on a very slightly shorter heel in the pics.)

My questions: Do these pass as "flares" on someone with my proportions? The thighs fit snug on me (because I have curvy thighs, I suspect). They start to flare out at the knee. The hems are now 18" wide.

I would love your thoughts.

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