I'm thinking that with my upcoming winter doldrums, I need to make sure to vary up my outfits more than I do. Already feeling pre-sick of my skinnies and boots looks, which I usually LOVE.

I've already broken my needs down into capsules for my work schedule. Now I'm thinking about further breaking it down to make sure I vary my formulas within the capsules. This all came about on a long walk with Kona, so cyber-slap me if this seems out there!

I figured out that I have a few main work formulas I rely on:

1. Tunic and skinnies with boots
2. Dress (optional topper), tights and boots
3. Slouchy pants, top, ankle boots
4. Tube skirt and fluid top
5. Any bottom with jacket/blazer (this is the least used lately, but needs to be exercised more often)
6. Wildcard outfit, like cropped over long or sweater over buttondown.

So I'm thinking I will try to cover all five of these in a week, within each capsule. That way I can see what's hardest to wear, what's lacking, and what really works. I want to cull down to where everything I have is being used and is useful.

Any thoughts on this approach? Too much method to my madness?