How has your year been so far regarding your fitness, health, and wellbeing goals set at the beginning of the year?

My motto has been: ‘any day I move my body is a good day!’ This is much different from when I trained in order to be competitive in sporting events! That said, I did set myself a goal of hitting the gym regularly for a combination of weight training and cardio. I set a goal of 156/year or 13/month. I’ve been on target most months, except for June and July when my workout buddy (who doesn't deal well with summer heat) bailed on me and I succumbed to the lure of the garden. However, I’ve made up some time, and I am at 122 workouts with 2 months remaining. I renew my gym membership November 1.

The months leading up to the New Year are a good time to ramp things up, since holidays can provide free time that you might not otherwise have. Use the time to hit the gym, take a yoga class, meditate, make an appointment with a nutritionist, have a massage. Book your self care into your schedule NOW! Body work folks are booking up, as are hair dressers and aestheticians. Make sure you take/make the time to take care of yourself over November, December, and into January.

Write it down, and make it happen!