I was so excited to find these Aquatalia booties at Nordstrom. They ticked all my boxes: good quality, a chunky heel that was 2.5" high, specially treated leather that can hold up in the elements, and a narrow shaft so as not to give me the flower-pot effect.

However, I am having problems with the fit. I ordered the 6 and the 6.5. The bootie seems to run narrow, and the 6 didn't give me enough space in the toebox. The arch also seems to be in the wrong spot, which gave me some pain.

The 6.5 booties don't give me any pain, but there is a lot of movement of my foot inside the bootie. I tried adding some insoles from my cobbler, and I put on my thick winter socks, but I still get a lot of heel slippage (forefoot is OK). I think that although the instep is narrow, the heel must run somewhat wide, which seems an odd combination.

I'm concerned about keeping them because they are $525, and I'm thinking that the heel slippage would just get worse over time and irritate me. I am not a fan of adhesive nonslip heel inserts; I haven't had luck with them in the past, and I don't want to damage the interiors of the booties in case I want to sell them later.

Does anyone have any advice as to a solution to the heel slippage problem? Or should I just return these booties and keep looking? Have other people had difficulties with Aquatalia's fit?