DH and I will be taking a very interesting trip in late June/early July. He has a two day conference in Barcelona so we'll spend a few days there. He just made the decision last week to go. I don’t usually go with him on his copious business trips but this one was too good to pass up. Time to learn to say please and thank you in Catalan!

The other part of the trip, which we'll do first, is a visit to a grad school friend of DH's who runs a B&B in an 18th century house in a tiny French village in the Pyrenees Mountains; a 3 hour drive from Barcelona. There is a lot of skiing here in winter, and in warmer weather hiking, visiting old churches, French dining etc. I have a good selection of sporty clothes for this part of the trip and have ordered a few missing pieces.

Probably 3-4 days in each location.

For the Barcelona visit I need to do some planning and would love your inputs. Temps will be between mid-60s and low 80’s with moderate humidity. A lot like where I live. Maybe breezy since it's on the Mediterranean. Below are some of my initial ideas for a capsule. I expect to pare it back some. I'm planning to order some footwear starting today so I have plenty of time to find good fits etc and I do have some backup options if nothing new works.

2 pr of shoes - one black sneaker and one silver sandal.

2 linen sweaters - will these be cool enough? (Linen sweaters are a new thing for me). Is a striped sweater too casual?

tops - Is the striped T too casual for a city like Barcelona? The black and blue Ts will be part of my French mountain wardrobe so could wear for Barcelona too

2 pants - black and grey. I'll have at least one pair of jeans too.

denim jacket and/or black blazer

might add a scarf or two

maybe a skirt or dress but I don't have many choices that seem suitable

black cross-body purse

p.s. I am quite comfortable with idea of a lot of black in a city travel capsule. Makes it easy. I'm also ok with the idea of doing a bit of hand laundry. Our friend in France probably has a washer/dryer in her house which will be very convenient

p.s. I have been reading through the various past postings on Barcelona and getting some great ideas! Also have started researching things to do of course...

Thanks in advance!!!