I'm fine tuning outfit options for my nephew's upcoming wedding (next weekend).

Black silk EF pants back from the tailor today. I should probably have had him take just a hair more off, but I'm hoping this length will pass!

The plan is to wear the pants and matching tank with a grey velvet topper. BUT I'm starting to think the fitted tank might still be just a hair too snug in the midsection for comfort, so am looking at a few options just in case.

In all of these I am wearing the accessories I will probably wear on the day -- subtle sparkly earrings and a vintage necklace I think might have belonged to my mother's great aunt. Also new black patent loafers -- I think they will be reasonably comfortable for my fussy feet. Heels are not an option.

Anyway -- the options I am considering as my backups:

1 and 2 -- Black lace blouse with an interesting shoulder
3 - a VERY simple black top with 3/4 sleeves that I have, out of habit, pushed up. It's shortish and squarish and has a bit of substance to it I am a bit obsessed with its simplicity.
4 - column of black with grey velvet topper.
5 - testing to see how the lurex tank from my earlier post works under the grey topper.
6 - closer shot of the lurex top -- does it work? Too much?
7 and 8 - for those who still think I should wear a dress -- this is a "semi dress" created wth a velvet skirt with the very plain top I am so obsessed with right now. With and without the topper. I think the shoes feel a bit orthopaedic when worn with a skirt/dress, but thought I would throw it out there for more objective eyes. I'm probably going to be be most comfortable in the pants, but it would be nice to know if this is a viable option.

Comments and suggestions welcome. (I have big challenges finding comfortable footwear, so all I ask is that you go easy on the shoes. I'd love something more refined but I have shopped my local market pretty hard and this is the best I have come up with that my feet will accept.)

Thanks for looking.

PS, my next project will be to slowly build a small dressy capsule that includes some non-black pieces!

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