Hi all!
You can find my initial post on this subject here. Since I posted last, I've been mostly lurking. I've traveled to see my mom (no outfit photos - very casual) but otherwise tried to wear my orphans a lot of the time. I'm including outfits where I succeeded in the photos.

As to some of the remaining orphans, now that I'm trying to reach for one per day, I'm starting to figure out why they aren't worn. They may not be orphans per se, but rather high summer orphans. In other words, I'm not wearing them because either the fabric is not breathable, or because, in the case of some tops, the shape is wrong for the types of looser bottoms I wear during high summer.

Thus, I should be treating some of the remaining items as being appropriate for shoulder season or cooler summer days. Many of the tops can be layered, so it's no problem to wear them right until winter. I've included examples of these as finds.

In the future, I may need to organize my warm weather items even further to divide up high summer from shoulder weather. In the meantime, I will be trying to wear the hot weather orphans I have left, but a few aren't appropriate for work, so that may be difficult. Then the other items can be mixed into my early Fall wardrobe (and later late spring). That's when I'll be able to determine if I really wear them, or not.

1. Orphan skirt. I like it a lot but it may not feel structured enough for work. The jacket helped.

2. Orphan top. This one has the stain that won’t come out, but I’m a very non-noticeable place. It’s possile this could be taken up a little in the shoulders, too. The linen fabric is a winner. I may try again to get the small stain out.

3. Orphan top. Could also maybe be taken up. I do love it, though the lining is slightly tight.

4. Orphan top again. This one is poly but very loose, so it should see some more use as things cool down. I like it a lot with white, and don't have much else in this color palette.

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