Hi everyone! Long time reader, first time poster

How do you remain looking stylish while pregnant, or while on maternity leave? And have you found that your style evolved after having kids?

I’ve found that I’ve never really been able to pinpoint my style, because I’ve always had a lot of clothes that were handed down to me, or gifted. My closet has always been full to the top with clothes that I never wore – either because I couldn’t find combinations that I liked, or because I never really liked the items. I would purchase an item here and there, but to be honest – because of the lack of understanding of my ‘personal style’, I never really made those purchases with a clear idea in mind. So, most of the time, those items that I would purchase, would hang in the closet unworn…..sad and lonely….

Then, ever since I gave birth to my daughter in 2019, I’ve been re-evaluating my style. During my late-night nursing sessions, I would read forums, and books, and listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos on finding your style, building a capsule, benefits of a minimalistic approach to clothes, etc.

I was on a mission – to return to work after maternity leave as a stylish new mom! I wanted to rebuild my wardrobe in a classic style with pops of color, with pieces that I would be able to easily pair together.

AND JUST AS I STARTED THE PROCESS - I found out that I am pregnant again!

So, of course, my plan of wearing those beautiful capsule pieces and experimenting with different looks and styles, now turned into more comfortable, not particularly eye-catching looks (why does most maternity wear have to be so matronly looking….). And I know now that for the next 4 months of pregnancy, and then for a full year of maternity leave, my wardrobe will primarily consist of comfortable clothes.

I know I can forget about my cashmere, and my silks for a little while.... But I still don’t want to completely compromise on style. SO, my new mission is - how to continue finding my style, and be a stylish mama, while still being comfortable when staying at home with my 2 kids for a year.

Challenge accepted! But where the heck do I start? LOL