Do you ever find that stuff you've been looking for for a long time, or have been stalking, appears on your radar all at once?

I've been looking for a nice pair of suede high-shaft booties that would work with winter weather, and I found not one but two pairs that fit my style aesthetic. I've probably been looking for two years for booties like this.

I also found a lightweight "leather" jacket (actually it's coated denim, but it looks like leather) that I can wear as a topper over a t-shirt. It's very hard to find jackets like this in smaller petite sizes...many manufacturers don't make my size at all. I've been looking for something like this for probably five years.

And then a pair of shoes that I have been stalking for work shoes since the summer (AGL heels, super comfy) finally had a price drop to a price I was willing to pay.

On top of all of this, my Blondo booties gave out, and I had to replace them too, so that was another cost.

My credit card is smoking! But most of these things are HEWIs, and I promised myself that I would buy them when I found them, regardless of my cash flow situation.

Anybody else deal with feast or famine? Did you still buy your HEWIs, or did you limit yourself to just one or two purchases?