I don't know if it's summer (not so warm in our part of the SF Bay Area) or just some emotional shift, but I find myself craving dresses these days!

I have a mom-on-the-go/consultant lifestyle with most days working in my home office and some more dressy days in client meetings. For the casual days, my FFBO is jeans or khakis plus a t-shirt or knitted shirt and jacket. For the dressier days, I'll wear dressier pants and tops.

But lately I find myself craving dresses! Anyone else feeling this way also? Given my lifestyle, I'm looking for some more casual ones for my casual days, as well as slightly dressier ones for client meetings. I have noticed what Angie mentions- a lack of flattering casual dresses that aren't too short and skimpy.

Given my larger bust and apple/hourglass shape, I do best with wraps, v-nceks, or possibly button up dresses with some structure; I just ordered the dress below. Curious if anyone has suggestions and/or is also feeling a dress attraction lately?