We finally moved. Our home is a little tiny thing. I’ve not moved in 20 years and never with a toddler. We started over fresh. We had a moving sale. Then a moving giveaway. Finally donated and trashing what was left. Moving is no joke moving with a toddler and downsizing to a tiny home is a serious thing.

I had started downsizing a month prior to our move starting with our clothing then furniture and household items. I was patting myself on the back celebrating to early. Oh my WORD TO THE MOTHER!!!. Lol

Moving weekend:
Most certainly things went wrong. We reserved a small moving truck they gave us a truck almost the size of a 18 wheeler. My sister was scared I was not. I used to drive trucks like that in the Army although it was 20+ years ago with no power steering. It was a smooth accident free drive and we got done before our rental time was up. They made a mistake and only charged us for the small truck. It was a win because we had a whole bunch of stuff to move that was greater than our expectations.

Getting settled:
My sister is an amazing organizational wiz with and a financial guru. She was settled and unpacked and cleaning in 3 days time. Me on the other hand I was scouting Amazon & FB market place to find our new home furniture. I only unpacked enough to have clothes for the week. It will take me time to get settled I am a hot mess In a good way. Completely unorganized.

Our new normal:
Whew. I was so happy I love our time schedule. I pack nutritious car snacks for Zi’Joy and get her ready while she is sleeping for her learning center. She has been nervous exhausted and exciting maybe a bit confused. I’m Am working to get her space setup. I want her to feel comfortable and at home. That is my priority right now. She has her toys that she paired down as well I got her a few things like a play kitchen and an Art Easel. And for me I found a brand new Ashley Stewart Recliner that is amazing and can fit all of my curvy self.

Overall we are adjusting it only has been 4 days but it has been a blessing in many ways. I also had a chance to trade in and upgrade my sporty car to a family dependable SUV with the same car note as my sporty car (Note: I got my 2 door sporty care 3 months before I found out I was pregnant.) . Now that’s a blessing and made me smile.

Oh and I love my closet It makes my heart happy. I may get a chaise to put in that sucker. Thank you for reading and our commenting.

I call my chair the Mama Bear Chair and my daughter’s the Baby Bear chair she has a blue recline,

For ZiJoy needed a bigger space because we do Physical Therapy Strength Training and Yoga from home. So even though our home footprint is tiny she has plenty of room to grow in. Our drive way is long enough for her to run in and for me to exercise as well. I'm grateful for the possibles for her further recovery from her spinal cord injury AFM Acute Flaccid Myelitis

All I could thing of when we were moving is that we are like the Golden Girls, 227, Mama's Family comedy shows. I kept singing Sisters are doing it for themselves. Standing on our own two feet and ring our bells. I feel so proud after valley moments and difficult times. I finally see the clearing and the mountain tops. I can finally breathe. With our old home sold this has been a game changer.

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