I’ve been on quite a journey this spring to find a pair of sneakers. It felt like a train wreck some of the time:

In April of last year, having not worn fashion sneakers in many years, I bought two pairs of sneakers. White Keds, and Blue/Grey Reiker slip-ons. In April I got the Naturalize black slip-ons. In September I got the Grey patent Eccos. All shown in finds. The Naturalizer ones were never very comfortable which I confirmed when I tried them on this week, so they went in the donate pile this week. Also too sporty. The keds and reikers are comfortable but I feel more dull than fab wearing them. I don’t like the Eccos, they are too masculine/sporty or something

So in March I started on the hunt to find something I would really like. I am not a big fan of white footwear, and it took me a long time to settle on what color I wanted. In finds are the exact ones I tried.

  • Black Caslons and Treasure and Bond, pretty comfortable but
    too sporty and masculine.
  • White/grey Sam Edelman: I ultimately decided the toe shape
    was clunky and stripe was neither grey not tan but something in between, which bugged my high color matching affinity.
  • Blush ED: lovely shoes and very comfy but I decided blush
    was not the most versatile color for me at the moment.
  • Pink Lacoste: ordered along with the ED ones, turned to out
    to be too pink.
  • Black Joseph Seibel Caspian: these sealed the deal for me in
    NOT wanting black sneakers right now. I also tried them in silver which
    convinced me that I just don’t like this shoe despite it’s huge popularity and
    high comfort and quality. Again too masculine or something.

Decided to try nude colors.

  • Dolce vita Zain: right length but my heel slipped right out
  • Addidas: the arch was too high
  • Sudini Tammi; almost the winner but was hoping to NOT do the
    running shoe style