Ok, it looks beige (and the ballet flats look toffee) on my monitor but I've no doubt it looks gorgeous on you.

I admire your patience for chasing HEWI. When I have a bee in my bonnet, I want to get it out as soon as possible and often make mistakes that way.

Like AJ, I noticed the storm flaps*. I love how they've been streamlined into a modern, clear-cut design, both on shoulders and back.

*found these explanations on trenchcoat design http://www.thesartorialjournal.....renchcoat/

Yay for the gorgeous Spring trench. This is, indeed, the ideal colour--not too dark, not too light, not too grey. The colour makes me think of the fudgey sweet we used to make back home in Scotland called tablet. Your coat is just as scrummy!

Yay for you! and PPP! Really want to see it on you when you get to that!

This one is gorgeous. I was not as patient as you and I settled last year for one that was not perfect. Mine has epaulets on the shoulders and I have already snag the button twice with my shoulder bag handle. Annoying. Does yours have enough room for blazer under it?

Oh be still my heart, a fabulous trench. I just LOVE trench coats, I have a few but not THE perfect one, yet. So glad you found yours and thanks for sharing the joy. I bet you look amazing in it and I can't wait to see pictures. Patience really does pay off.

Soooooo perfect for you Angie - and I adore the combination of toffee and white. It's timeless.

Gorgeous trench.

Add to me to those who are confused by this color. How is this different than beige? Is it because it is a bit more pinkish?

You are great at modeling the patience required to find just the right item! Awesome trench!

Gorgeous and timeless. I bet you look absolutely stunning in this outfit!

OH! Thanks for the kind words, ladies. I LOVE my new trench.

Trust me. The trench is not beige - that’s a soul socking colour on me. It’s darker and richer than beige, but not as dark or yellow as camel. It’s a light warm toffee with a hint of blush in it - Joy and catseye are dead right.

Anchie and Andi, your trenches are fabulous. I did make a point of not wanting epaulettes on my own trench coat. And YES, I can layer a blazer underneath my trench.

Jules, here is the link, which might work. YES, the trim is tortoise shell. I like its modern ‘70s appeal too. A little Retro eye candy at the bottom.


I did not think about epaulettes before, but now I know that I want one without. Lesson learnt for the future. It helps when you have a clear idea what you want, and stick to it.

So happy for you that you found a HEWI!

I too am curious about the spring vs. fall toffee since toffee (as opposed to say, grey) seems so specific as a color. Will go back and see how this was addressed.

Oh my heavens it is gorgeous. With a hint of blush you say? That is the one kind of "beige" that is not soul-sucking on me. I used to have a beautiful early 50s coat from my mother in that tone and loved it.

So happy for you because I know the fit and quality will be impeccable and you have waited a long time. Brava for PPP!!

This is going to be great for you. I generally don't like trench coats because of the yellow-ness of the tan, but I can see that this one has a pinker look.

I've been searching for the right neutral trench coat color for YEARS--yellowish tan, the most common shade, is a horrid color for me. Toffee was not my initial thought but it might work (I bookmarked the Find before seeing this thread!).

I might have to order this one to try it....I have been wanting a light trench for several years now. Our season for wearing trenches is sadly short, but I wear the Theory trench that Bj1111 gifted me ALL the time when the season is on, and so appreciate the style.


Can't wait to see it on you, Angie - it looks perfect!

I am excited to see you model this, Angie. Sounds like you kept your eye out for just the right color! (That whole spectrum is rather soul sucking on me so I confess I don't pay a lot of attention to tonal variation in that color range.)

It look smashing, as always. I, like you am picky and will wait for the one

Ooooh lovely! Congrats, I know how tough this color is to find. And of course it's wonderful with the white out.

(I wish I had your patience ^^)

Oh! So happy your found your perfect trench. Kindrex still loves the Club Monaco trench that we picked out with YOU! Speaking of Kindrex, we are in Chicago together this very moment and she sends you a big hug.

A little richer than that, cjh but close. Thanks for posting.

Happy Memories, Deb. Much love to you and DD.

Thanks, ladies. I will be wearing my trench again today!

Suz, I think you should try it too. Just for the heck of it.

That is a beautiful trench and reads with a hint of rose/blush in the undertones on my screen. That is the difference between a beige tone I can consider and the ones I can't. Soul sucking if yellow tones prevail.