Have you ever purchased an item online you believed was on regular sale and received a packing slip indicating "Final Sale?" Chiming in because this happened to me two times in the last few months when it never happened before.

I bought a pair of pants on sale from COS earlier this summer and felt taken aback when the packing slip arrived with Final Sale printed on it. Because no return necessary, I shrugged it off as my error and vowed to take more care with the fine print next time.

Later, I purchased four dresses on sale from Ann Taylor, two different styles in two different sizes. (Fab, by the way.) Absolutely, I checked the fine print before clicking because I knew I'd return at least two for fit. Nothing in the shopping cart, on my invoice, or in the fine print on the website indicated Final Sale.

Lo. Packing slip arrived with Final Sale printed on it. Long story short, because no bricks and mortar near me, I needed to process the return online. Website would not allow. Fortunately, I was able to get through to customer service by phone. An agent processed my return without fuss. While he said the system was showing Final Sale, he was unable to show me an invoice or anything else that I'd have seen at the time of purchase indicating Final Sale.

Hmm . . . thoughts?