As I posted on my recent WIW, I have acquired a bunch of separates that I think will be great for the holidays. A few points:

-I am a nut about these things. This doesn't even begin to cover everything I have that I could wear. I wore some of the other stuff this past week. Other skirt and dress based outfits are probably taking a back seat this year because I'm not in a skirt/dress mood.

-I also have some Christmas-only pieces that will get worn for actual Christmas, which is casual with my family anyway, plus some other fun items. (I'll put those Finds in a comment below) I'm focusing more here on two events I'm attending - work holiday party (will see the debut of Rise of Skywalker after) and a fairly fancy concert at the Met Museum. I am now also attending a friend's Yule dinner (one of the couple is a heathen) but it may skew casual and I'm going to ask how they're dressing,

Most of the items under consideration here are new with tags, except the black jeans (a stand in for any of my jeans, but I like the black with tartan), tartan pants, gold sneakers and the red cardigan. There is also a pair of glittery Chuck Taylors that are arriving today that I can throw into the mix for the Christmas party and the visit to my friends. I have plenty of jewelry & bag options so I'm not worried about that.

The outfits I preferred in my head are, I think, the ones I prefer IRL in this outfit lab. #3-4 for the concert and #6 for the party. The tartan on tartan look is fun but I am not sure I'd reach for it--though both pieces are J Crew, the top is less saturated. Not sure about the rose gold topper with the tartan pants either.

I am not sure how well the rose gold sparkle cardi plays with the pewter loafers. Can I get away with two different metals, since they're far apart and the pewter is less bright than silver would be?

ETA - See comments for one outfit with some of these pieces.

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