I have a feeling that camel is going to be a 'thing' this fall, and with your dark hair, cognac might just be YOUR camel. The touch of teal just confirms it was meant to be yours.

Well I love cognac, and especially cognac with blue, so...

It’s the bit of blue that seals the deal. Blue is definitely your colour.

I am really glad you ordered it. I looked at it for myself, but it is smaller than what I need at this point in my life. Can I assume you will be returning the black? Although I tend to duplicate, I don't see you as a serial duplicator.

Sterling, I doubt I would keep both. I ordered this little black cylindrical bag too, and I like it but I haven’t determined yet whether it’s a keeper. It does look good with the variety of straps I own. I was basically looking for a structured but not stiff alternative to my fab but unstructured secondhand Gucci bag. I like the unusual shape but it may be just a tad small.

I always have a cognac bag because it is such a useful colour. Cognac gives a nice lift and warmth to anything it is paired with, such a great neutral and amazing with denim.