I ordered this Kurt Geiger bag in black to check out because I like the size, shape, and handle style. Plus it was on sale. It arrived and I do like it in person. However, I keep getting drawn back to the cognac version. I love that contrasting blue handle! Especially since my wardrobe has so much blue. I do prefer to have something else in my outfit to bookend a bag color, and I don't own any summer shoes in this kind of color (only my ancient cowboy boots which are NOT summer). But these woven Stuart Weitzman sandals got on my radar, and I like the balance of casual and refined. The closest summer shoes I have to this color are the copper-colored Free People sandals, but those are not for the hottest days, of which we have many. I wouldn't mind having a breezier option, which the Weitzman sandals would fill.

I was looking at my summer dresses and skirts (some of the Finds below), and I think the cognac accessory complement would work really well with them. Same goes for shorts/crops and summer tops. I wear a LOT of blue and white in summer, and I feel like the warm neutral is a nice counterpoint.

I'm not sure how this would play into my wardrobe in the colder months, but I do tend to have a couple of seasonal bags -- some colors get worn in winter, some in the summer. I have a cognac bag from a few years ago that I like the looks of, but it had a shoulder strap that slips off my shoulder much too easily, so it always kind of gets on my nerves.

What do we think of this cognac bag for me? It's full price, not on sale, unfortunately. Will that handle look "so 2019" in a couple of years? Although I have a vintage bag that has that style handle that I've worn and loved for years.

Feedback welcome!