I'm a C- student in the school of fashion and style, and one of the subjects that I struggle the most with is style descriptors. Mostly I think there was some Kibbe Natural, otherwise there was some Classic and some Tom Boy or Gentlewomen in my style. Also, a bIt of Academichic (thank you Racheylou.)

In the past 6 weeks I'm feeling a huge wave of desire to dress in a womanly/feminine way. It started with BR pussy bow blouses, and now I'm wearing pearls, vintage pins, and some shine/bling! Also, letting hair get longer, with a less 'sharp' cut.

Angie was articulating this and using terms like 'allure' and revisiting some aspects of maximalism, retro and femininity more than half a year ago.

Is anyone else 'feeling' this? (I'm having trouble articulating where I want to go - style wise, and would welcome some help.)