Don't worry, ladies, I'm not about to cry, I'm just planning my spring/summer wardrobe. I can't buy very much this season, but anything I do buy is going to be blue, blue, blue. With so much of it in the shops at the moment it would be foolish not to stock up on one of my favourite colours. I might add a dash of lemon, too. just to freshen things up. I can't handle the very bright yellows and oranges, but a little twist of lemon should do the trick.

Angie's recent post on patterned pants has inspired me to give those a try, too. If I can find the right pair, I may use those as the starting point of my mini capsule, which I can then mix and match with the navy and white that forms the basis of my summer wardrobe. I can't wait to get started.

What trends or colours will you be following this season?