I was so excited to find a pair of work pants that a) fit, and b) were in a colour other than black or navy, so I bought them. The fabric is a gorgeous ,almost shimmery mid-grey, lightweight blend - Banana Republic's Avery cut. Cropped, nicely fitted, pockets, and grey. All good, you'd think. I wear grey all the time ........in winter.

So what's the problem? I had not worn them (they must be about 3 weeks old now) yet because nothing was leaping out my closet as a perfect pairing - either top or jacket- wise. I was secretly worried this was going to happen but I was determined to figure this out and pulled out 3 or 4 tops and one jacket for possibilities, and ended up wearing a completely different pairing . Could not figure out the right shoe either, and ended up feeling really yucky and blah in what I did manage this morning: the pants (below) with a pale blue linen sweater, and grey leather wedges. Not good. No edge, no drama, nothing special. I almost wore my Stan Smiths with them, but the store I was seeing this morning was not the right place for that look.

I think the pants need dressier shoes which I realized I have none of for summer. Everything I own is in a casual style and not really crisp trouser-appropriate.

Is grey a harder colour to wear in summer? Are dressy shoes harder to find in summer (dressy as in work-dressy) ? Nothing feels right and I'm annoyed at having spent money on a pair of pants I can see never wearing again. I know a black top or a white top is an obvious pairing - but what shoes do those of you who need a dressier shoe for work wear in the summer??