Brown is just not for me. I know it’s trending, but I’ll probably pass on it. Am looking forward to seeing how you wear wear and style your new skirts.

Actually I'm feeling A LOT of brown for fall!  Have picked up a couple of items starting last fall shown in finds, and also have a few older chocolate brown leather items collected during the years it was tough to find: a messenger bag, riding boots, and fleece-lined high top Cons. Have my eye out for a winter coat (puffer or wool). Love Brooklyn's collection of bronze items!

I like the combo of black, brown, and blue too! I bought a bunch of brown in the last couple years, and prefer it over black with teal, purple, and salmon. In general I prefer black though, and I stopped buying those colors that I don't like with it.

Here's a pretty dress with the same brown & blue idea - they also have chocolate brown (find). If I didn't already have this dress in another brown-based pattern I would be very tempted!

I love seeing all these collections and inspirations! Kyle, I hear you. I was feeling that way too for some years. Maybe I’m feeling a little differently now because I’m backing off of wearing so much black.

Jules, that’s a very cute dress! Lovely for someone who can wear minis (not me unfortunately!).

I wear mine with my velvet brown jeans - and it's closer to knee length on me. Hopefully they do make the midi version of the dress available too later in the season (Angie has it in this pattern). Mostly because that would give me a good excuse to buy a second one, lol!

Janet, when I collected that AllSaints skirt, I thought of you and Brooklyn

Will the new skirts work with your cowboy boots? Could be a fun look!

Thanks, Angie, and welcome back! ❤️ Yes, I do think either one could work well with my old cowboy boots. The weather is finally cooling off so I’ll try soon!

*happy dance*

Want to see those outfits, Janet!

Thanks for the welcome back. Ecstatic to be reunited with Sam and Jo

A little update. I finally got a chance to steam out both skirts and try them on at home with various tops, jackets, and footwear.

The AllSaints is a keeper. I love the luxe fabric, the print is lovely, and the asymmetric hem right up my alley. It looks good with every pair of boots I tried. It also goes with a lot of my tops and jackets, thanks to the print that incorporates green, teal, and blue.

The Tahari is less of a winner. The fabric is not so luxe. It looks good with certain black boots and that’s about it. Tops are limited too — mostly just black. The blue in that skirt is a bit hard to match, and most of my blue items clashed with it a bit. But it does look good with denim jackets and those two pairs of black boots, black sandals as well. The other ding against it is the fit. It fits well across the hip but has quite a bit of extra fabric in the gathered waist (at the back) and the high hip. I could get it taken in, but is it really worth it?? So I have it set aside to return.

Yeah. Good call doing the fine work here, Janet. T Tahari is NOT the same brand as Elie Tahari (people can confuse the two). The latter is the impeccable luxe brand at a much higher price. The former is hit or miss.

Yay for the AllSaints skirt

Sounds good. The Tahari one looked pretty but I did also wonder if it was slightly frillier than what I think of as your usual style?

Jenni, with the flounce I know what you mean, but it has a nice drape and hangs straight from the hip for the most part so the tier doesn’t bother me — the muted color palette and print also save it from being too girlie for me. I’m still a little torn, but I’m trying to only keep things that move my style forward. Upping my standards. Too easy to keep $20 items because they were only $20 — when I still need to alter and then dedicate another hanger in my closet for it.

Good on you for increasing standards. I know what you mean about the hangers!
I still think the Tahari one is pretty. Hopefully though if you return it you won’t miss it because you’ll be enjoying the other new skirt?

Yep, I am really gravitating towards all sorts of browns, including khaki, tan, rust-brown, cool brown, and I find myself actually wanting a pair of brown booties or boots, which I would not have believed was possible even a year ago :). I especially love browns paired with grays and navy.

I LOVE that AllSaints skirt--so beautiful and perfect for your style. It's a treat to see everyone's brown wardrobe items--these sorts of tones just scream fall to me, which is my favorite season.

Don’t be torn Janet. The All Saints is so much nicer and better suited to your artistic POV. You don’t need two versions and you’re leaving space for something else to come along. In fact maybe stay out of the Rack lol (this part is a joke but honestly I do feel the most peace and satisfaction when I choose a few nice things online then avoid going into Winners etc. My impulse buys are more at curated boutiques and craft/vintage shows. If you love the Rack have at it of course!).

I also love the browns and blues here, and both skirts are a fab print but I love the AllSaints more because of the simple asymmetric cut- now we want to see them styled!!

Janet, glad to hear that one skirt is a winner! And I also support you in not keeping the other skirt if it isn't a slam dunk yes! Onward, as Angie says.

I wore the shirt I bought at this year's NAS with the brown loafers, black pants, and a black topper once this week and again this week! So thanks for inspiring me with this thread! Team Black and Brown for me!