We're halfway through February, and I've been keeping an eye on what colors I'm wearing to see how they do/don't fit into my color palette from my color analysis in January. It's as I expected when I first looked at the palette.  I didn't take any photos. The finds are all the items I've worn this month out of the house. Boots, coats, bags, and pants definitely on repeat; sweaters not so much. (At home is all about fleece tops because my adorable kitty gets on my lap with paws on my shoulders and immediately snags any sweater I might be wearing. Fleece does not snag). Not shown are the uniqlo heattech fleece underlayers I wear every day. 

My deep-winter wardrobe colors, except for black, are generally darker versions of colors in my palette. Blue, grey, burgundy, and just a bit of brown and ivory/cream. I also wear a lot of black, which is not in my palette at all. There are lots of colors in the palette that I do not wear. I like the colors I wear and have no plans to change them.  I like wearing dark colors and do so year round, although I do wear more lighter ones in warmer months.  We've got maybe 6 weeks to go of deep winter, with a few slightly less cold days here and there,  and I expect to keep wearing this same stuff or similar.  (I am doing a warm weather vaca in early March and will be wearing some lighter colors). As usual I've got NO interest in "style" this time of year when my persona/moniker is "bundled up". I I also have zero desire to wear brighter or lighter colors. Maybe in a few more weeks ... . 

And based on today's Outfit Formula: Lots of quiet columns, dark neutrals  

Comments welcome as always  

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