My intention was not to shop for a while as I have plenty in my wardrobe and had been uninspired at the start of the year due to the 'return to normal' not being yet in sight really.

But in February the itch came back and I placed an online order when I was under a lot of stress to blow off some steam. I have nowhere to wear this peacock colored dress but how cute is it?? It was a dirt cheap sale item and it fits me well so I am keeping. If nowhere else I'll wear it on my birthday celebrating from home come April :p.

Then Angie's top picks lead me to a new-to-me bag e-tailer where I found this beauty. It's on its way to me now. I've long been looking for the perfect size crossbody for fall/winter and I love the style and combination of smooth with grainy leather of this bag. I hope it looks as good IRL as in the picture. If not I can always return.

I'm not making any more promises to myself about not shopping but I am going to remain very picky and try to show restraint in online shopping.

Brick and mortar shopping isn't in the stars until Covid measures are over - maybe a little neighborhood boutique as an exception. I just visited the highstreet on a rare afternoon to myself and was disgusted at the number of people breaking the 'shop alone' rule, and very stressed out as a result.

Thank god I did find a couple of bralettes and at reduced price too. So I got something out of it AND made good on my promise to prioritize basics this year too :).