I have been following kkards January challenge and I am thinking of doing something similar for February.
There are couple of reasons for that. One of them is I that have been feeling down and would welcome some distraction. Another is that I am getting tiered of my work wardrobe. I haven’t refreshed it in a while, majority of items are prepandemic and it is starting to feel little stale, maybe too classic? There were some shifts in silhouettes in meantime that I haven’t incorporated yet. And there is also weight gain happening and I am trying to be creative and avoid shopping as much as possible until I see where it is going and if it is permanent. And of course just the fact that it is February, month when winter feels never ending, could be reason enough.
So I am thinking of trying to post my WIW every day during February and my challenge would be to be creative as much as possible with what I have, to wear things in a new, fresher ways, work around weight gain, and try to identify key pieces that I am missing that would make my current wardrobe more up to date without investing much.
What do you think? Anyone want to join me? Do you have any other suggestions for a challenge?
I would appreciate your feedback and ideas for outfits improvement during the month.