Hi all! It's been a while since I've posted, since my wardrobe has been smooth sailing this year. But I thought I might drop in to log a few items that have been real winners for me in 2023.

These are all new pieces from the past year, and they are one's that have gotten tons of wear. I keep a small wardrobe, but buy about 2-3 pieces per month, so this is about 1/4 of my purchases for the year.

You don't always know right away what's going to hit, but these pieces all do!

Some observations:

1) Suede booties! As pant styles have changed, I've needed to update my bootie collection, and I'm SO GLAD these all have proven winners. I love suede for booties because it can be more comfortable that stiff leather and it softens the look of what is an otherwise big shoe. Except in really bad weather, they are not delicate once treated with a bit of weather spray. And the clogs especially are great for rainy days when there are puddles. These have all been on repeat this fall and early winter.

2) APC pieces. I have been a fan from afar of APC, but was able to shop in person at their stores in London earlier this year. The quality of the denim is excellent, and both the jeans (which I had hemmed to be the right cropped length for me) and the denim button down have been weekly wears for me. HUGE winners, and I'll be returning to APC to replenish denim in the future.

3) MM LaFleur Alina Tee: Again, this is just a basic, but with lovely design details -- cap sleeve and extra length for full tucking -- and EXCELLENT cotton quality and fit that make it super elegant for what it is and absolutely dependable. https://mmlafleur.com/products.....tton-black

4) Vince Sandals: Like Sal, I'm a real fan of Birkenstock Arizonas, but these are a little more elevated. I've worn them absolutely everywhere and I'm probably due for a replacement. The nude color is great for me.

5) Blazer and Raincoat: These are two really basic pieces that again are just a little bit special. The blazer is by Theory in an indestructible technical woven fabric and I think it might be a men's cut. It has been a great throw-on-and-go third piece in the current oversized look. The raincoat was purchased from Woolrich in Rome, of all places (Woolrich is a cool brand in Italy!), and has some stunning design details like an asymmetrical snapped placket that make it a complement-catcher. I always free very fashionable when I wear either of these pieces, which I do often!

Some take aways:

1) Online versus B+M: Some of these are pieces I bought in person, some of them I bought online. But, except for the Kenneth Cole booties, the online purchases were from brands I had previous (good) experience with. Lesson: when shopping online, go for proven winners.

2) Basics, basics, basics: Sometimes I can get lulled into the trap that I need "statement" pieces, since I have my basics already covered. Not true. Elevated basics are my signature style, and I feel more myself and more stylish when I own that -- along with the fact the denim is style my DNA.

3) Cost and quality: These pieces range in cost -- in particular, because of sale prices, none of the shoes was more than $100 -- but some of these pieces are on the very high end of what I would pay for something in that category. That seems to have paid off, and compared with the very inexpensive things I bought in some of those same categories, the cost does seem to be worth it for the quality. In 2024, I do think I will be trying to follow this fewer, better trend that has already emerged for me in 2023.

Hope you all had a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to seeing your end-of-year reflections trickle in!