I noticed a micro trend of sorts recently in Seattle
Woman wearing stiff poplin or equivalent cotton fabric A-line skirts. They’re midi length and the fabric is stiff enough to create a true A-line. Solid colors: true green, olive or khaki. Worn with either a fitted tank or tee that is tucked in. Shoes were pointed toe mules, lace-up pointed toe ballet flats or other dainty flats.
Yesterday I got the Barneys fall catalog. Like Angie has said the fashion is all other the place. I noticed many white booties, mostly heeled. Worn with dark clothes.
They also had a fashion spread that was in suburbia and they emphasized that fact. But the houses that they photographed outside of where the suburbs of 50 plus years ago. There were sidewalks, no cul de sacs. And of course the fashion while interesting would definitely stand out, dark floral dresses etc.
They are definitely still trying to push stilettos. Even had an interview with some new Italian shoe designers who designed heels for women that weren’t afraid to wear them. Overall the stilettos were eh, nothing particularly groundbreaking.

The Seattle Barneys seems to have a larger men’s section than women’s. So I don’t think I’ll see much here & I shop there a lot less.