Rachy - first it looks fantastic! Love the hair and the suit.
Second- you crack me up. I literally laughed aloud at the arm pose and the traditional stiff picture had me howling.
Love your sense of humor.

Wow! You should wear this IRL as it is such a chic, ladylike outfit! Hair do and both postures(nr 2 and 3) are the icing on the cake!

This is fantastic! Your hair looks fabulous and the fit of that suit is spot on. Perfect.


This is gorgeous on you! The hair is spectacular and the suit is so ladylike and flattering. Holy moly. I am speechless.

Ooooh Rachy!! You better not step anywhere next to a 1940s film. They'll claim you time traveled! Absolute perfection! And you are the Queen of Comedy! I love your wit and humor to pieces. mwah and xoxo

Oh man. You reminded me. I was gone black-and-white a photo. Ok. Whateverrrrrrr. Too late!

Thanks for the appreciation, marshy-mallows!!

You absolutely NAILED all of these eras. Your attention to detail is amazing and quite delightful.

WOW. Absolutely incredible, Rachylou! I love the hair too.

This is very true to the decade, but a gorgeous outfit for today, too. The Rolls take time, don't they? But they frame your face well, and the suit has very flattering proportions. Tailoring in the 40's was beautiful.

Spot on perfect, Rachylou! I love it.

You know, the suit's modern. Not vintage like some of my other pieces. I lucked out. The ones I used to wear, when I was a school girl, were from my mum and grandma... and I haven't been that tiny since middle school.

The rolls take a little time, but not as much as one might think. What takes time is remembering how to do them, lol!

Good grief, you're a superstar. If you photoshopped this to look a little faded, it could be an authentic 40s photo.

This is absolutely amazing. The suit is SO chic, and your hair is perfect for the era! LOVE this outfit!

"One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy's. Have I reached the party to whom I'm speaking? Snort!"

I LOVE these! My grandmother lived in a large house that my dad calls a "mansion" and had outfits just like that in her attic, along with stacks and stacks of WWII Reader's Digests that i used to pour over every summer when we visited her until I almost feel like I can remember the '40s first hand.

Unfortunately, the clothes and the magazines wound up in the landfill and we grandkids didn't even get any T shirts.

Piously wicked :-), and am going for sensuously prim description here.
And with a slight hair alteration, totally wearable today.
Yup, remember a lot of that stuff. My mom had matching feathered hats made, and the one button gloves for church.