Hehe. Don't know if Lilypup likes sharing the sofa with the skirt, but she enjoys floofing it and hiding under, hehe.

This is unbelievably good. That skirt!! I am swooning. Love Lilypup's expressions, too.

Found the perfect accessory on eBay.

What great photos! I love the outdoors pics, and it's great to see you actually did wear your Victorian look outside. You are too much, Rachylou. I'm with Angie--love the sneakers for adding a current touch to this outfit!

Dickensian, but with a (an?) uniquely, Rachylou "May I have some more.......but is it organic?" kind of vibe.

lololol Runcarla's earrings, I can't stop laughing

Wow - I went offline for Easter and come back to this!!! Haven't worked out the challenge yet, but loving your iteration. How did you come to have a skirt like that!!

You always add so much fun and humor to the forum, I love that about you!

That is one magnificent skirt, and you get extra points for walking your dog in it! Have you ever read Virginia Woolf's little masterpiece, Flush? It's the story of the romance between Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, told from her dog's point of view.

Hah you would have been trendy then (and now) for the reason of the unexpected justapositions:-), showstopping, true to era outfit(and pup)!:-)

Magnificent! Where did you ever find that skirt??

Lilypup is a fine Dickensian dog.


  1. Omg. Runcarla. The earrings are a FIND. Totally, also, a hipster's next job - after they've turned the back bedroom into an abattoir for artisan sausage / knitting workshop... What to do with the chicken heads...
  2. May I have some more.......but is it organic?" - How can this not already be on the way to becoming a Hipsterville PSA poster?
  3. As does Lilypup is a fine Dickensian dog need to become a stealth sticker.
Have not read Flush. Clearly I'll have to

YLF should have its own reality show where we all dress up in clothes from different fashion eras and have to hunt down the pieces we need. Ha ha.

Rachylou, this outfit is amazing! Do you have a petticoat on under that skirt? Or is the skirt that way by itself?

You have a closet that is ready for anything! Love the fullness of the skirt, even without bloomers.

Ah. This is a skirt that requires hoops. I have on hoops (!)... evil cackle ;>

Dang, hoops?! Where do I get some of those? Seriously? (I like to play dress-up for theme parties.)

I'll see if I can find the name. Handmade of course.

I can only imagine what your closet looks like! You are amazing. What a creative mind. Totally awesome looks.

OK, I'll check back in. But I wonder if I could even find a skirt to go with the hoops...where did you get the skirt?

Right, what do I know? Hehe! Apparently my hoops are a commercial product made by Darling, worn also with wedding dresses, and the lady who made the skirt didn't sew in a tag - bummer! There's lots on Etsy, tho, I think. And there's this online store: Recollections

Je vous trouve sublime dans cette tenue vous ĂȘtes incroyable elle vous vas trop bien continuez rachylou .