Joy -- Your outfit for today sounds lovely. I adore that kimono fabric scarf. It is artwork. Good luck with the realtor today. And -- Sorry about that cold snap. (I think it is headed our way tomorrow.) It is the weird weather pattern time of year.

I am working from home tomorrow. After work I have a lot of errands to do. My criteria are easy, simple, and comfortable.

Good news, I am expecting my Ann Taylor order. I ordered the pieces you see in the finds (colors not exact though). I am quite hopeful that they will work out for me.

*Waves* at Joy and El Cee!!!

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Sterling, those are beautiful. Be sure to give us a review of the pieces.
Tomorrow is St. Pat's Day and we will be meeting with a realtor and going to the Denver Zoo or Aquarium, depending on the weather. I plan to wear grey and mint green with the silver sneakers.
I have not worn the mint long sleeved tee in a long time due to the short time that it is comfortable weather-wise. I may top all this with the black puffer if it is needed.

I'm enjoying all the wonderful items and color combinations everyone is posting.

I looked at the three jackets I almost never wear. I purchased all three of them for situations where I felt a need to look "more grown up". Which is funny at my age.

I'm keeping the one I like best. I liked it more than I remembered, which was a nice surprise. I may move it into more frequent rotation. The second one I will look for a navy blouse to wear with it, and then decide. I can use a navy top so the top will be useful even if I decide to let go of the jacket. I'm tabling the decision on the third one until I lose a few pounds. I might have some adjustments done to it.

I may rethink the second and third ones in the next few days. I thought I had them figured out, but now that I'm writing this I'm having my doubts.

Thanks for the encouragement.

I just realized I should try more ways to style the jacket I like. Usually I wear it with a black top and bottom. If I come up with anything special I'll take a photo.

Joy -- you are killing it. I absolutely LOVE the color combination. With your coloring you will look stellar. Yay for you.

Barbara Diane -- Hi! I understand buying jackets (or complete outfits) for specific situations. I personally always regret those purchases because they were made under duress. And I am going to admit that a lot of those times I was buying outfits that fit a personality that I *wanted* to project (not necessarily my own). Sigh.

It is perfectly reasonable to have doubts about purging your jackets. The important thing is that you pulled the jackets out of the closet and are mulling over possibilities. I hope you do move the first jacket into rotation. Exploring more ways to style the jacket should be fun. That might even bring into play other lesser worn items too. Win - win.

I also love the idea of a navy blouse, especially if that blouse is already needed in your wardrobe.

It amazes me that we all have such great items in our closet that don't get worn as frequently as they should. I nearly doubled my working closet size when I started adding lesser worn items back into the mix. I also purged those pieces that needed to be purged with a firm understanding why they didn't work for me. I also discovered that I adore tee shirts in my casual life, but I want those tee shirts to be somewhat dressier.

Yay for ALL of us. Have a good day.

Waves at El Cee.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Sterling -- I really love the cargo pants that you will be wearing today. What brand are they? You made some lovely selections from Ann Taylor. The tees look fabulous. Which color(s) did you order? I really love that soft blush color in the photos, but the other options are also nice. Let us know how they work out… always wonderful to find a source for good quality essential tees. I like the cropped pants as well. They should be a nice addition to your wardrobe. Joy -- Ooooh, love your ensemble! The mint pieces look fabulous paired with gray. (I may have to copycat you tomorrow.) Enjoy your time at the zoo and aquarium. Sounds like a fun day. Barbara Diane -- I like your idea of spending some time working to style your jackets in different ways. I am trying to do that right now with some of my lesser worn pieces. My thought is that if I can find at least three different ways to wear a piece (in a way that makes me happy), then it is worth keeping.

Still mulling over what I will be wearing today and will post again after breakfast.

Hi again! Sterling -- It amazes me too that there are so many items in my wardrobe that have gone unworn. I really love that this challenge has forced me to address this issue. I am realizing that most of my "unworns" are seasonally specific items for which there is only a short window of wearability. I live in New England and need to accept that we have about 5 or 6 "seasons" here, all requiring different clothing. There may be some pieces that are worn throughout the year, but they are the exception and not the rule. The remainder of my "unworns" appear to be orphans left over from a previous lifestyle (office job/business casual). I have a lot of nice slacks, jackets and skirts that do not get much use outside of church. My life is far more casual than I would like to admit. Before I toss these pieces, I want to take time to see if I can casualize them and adapt them to my new lifestyle. This is a good time to test jackets as potential outerwear or third piece for shoulder season -- to be worn with my jeans. I tend to go right for the cardigans these days as jackets feel too "polished and dressy" for my usual activities. I will evaluate this.

Anyway… two different outfits today. The first is a nod to St. Patrick's Day. The orphan pieces are a necklace and bracelets that I reach for occasionally in summer. They do not see much wear at all. I will be wearing them with a striped sweatshirt, utility jacket, black skinny jeans and moto boots. (The sweatshirt and utility jacket are seasonal items and do not get a lot of wear -- not quite orphans, but I need to use them more often.) Tonight I will be going to a concert with hubby -- "Experience Hendrix" -- so I will be swapping the sweatshirt for a graphic tee, and the utility jacket for a leather moto jacket (also a lesser worn, seasonal piece). Will leave on same jeans and boots. Jewelry will be simple silver huggie earrings.

El Cee!! I agree. I learned so much too!!

It is so tough when we own seasonal clothing items (and those seasons are of limited time frame). This was a new discovery for me. I am going to try to shop for clothing that are wearable for at least two of our southern seasons from now on.

Your second comment about changing life styles is true of me as well. Since sometimes life changes occur gradually, we might not even be aware of the changes. I am so black and white in my thinking too. If I am buying for one life style, then that is my primary focus. I might not even realize that particular style element is in flux until it is a bit too late.

I have come to accept that life happens. What worked for me a few years ago may not work for me today. I am trying to be more resilient and roll with those changes. My biggest life style change has been the full-on adoption of tee shirts. I rarely wore them a year ago. Now I live in them. They are ultra casual, but I seem to have embraced ultra casual (for the time being).

Have fun at the concert.

ETA: the cargo pants are an offbrand from the Goodwill. I originally bought them to do some painting. I found that they are nearly perfect for all chores around the house (and they fit perfectly).

Joy, Sterling and El CeeI thanks for all the encouragement. I'm amazed that you all own some many cute orphans.
I was this close to letting the 2 go and now I am rethinking again. It's warm here and I am not in any mood to try them on again right now. Maybe later.
What's nice is that since my last closet purge I don't have that many orphans. Unfortunately, I have put some weight back on, which is enough to mean I really should try on again everything that might be tight. But we have my nephew arriving tomorrow so I should be getting ready. But YLF and clothes are so much more fun. Must Close Computer....

It is Friday. I am wearing one of my favorite Kut from the Kloth pants with a matching tee shirt. I'll add a belt (no picture) and jewelry. My orphan of the day is a Coach briefcase that had been a gift years ago.

I really do love this briefcase. It is an orphan because it weighs a ton and then when I start adding files and laptops, the weight can be unbearable. Interestingly enough, this briefcase cannot accommodate as much stuff as a tote. So it is heavy and it is a challenge to get everything into it.

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Sterling -- Gosh… I so love those Kut from the Cloth pants. I can see why they are a favorite. (Everything I have ever gotten from Kut brand has been fabulous.) The Coach briefcase is handsome looking. But I do remember how heavy those types of pieces were once fully loaded. And you are right, a large tote is far more versatile (and lighter) for carrying laptops and all the important work stuff. It will be interesting whether you decide to keep it or to let it go. Joy -- Hope you had a fun day at the zoo and aquarium. Barbara Diane -- I am following your inspiration today and will be starting my own orphan jacket mini-challenge. I have far to many nice, unworn jackets sitting in my closet.

As we are getting a stretch of cooler weather I have some time to evaluate some unworn jackets before I pack them up for the warm season. Most of these jackets were from my former office working days. I will be attempting to incorporate them into my current, far more casual wardrobe. First up is a blue tweedy knit jacket (in keeping with Angie's ensemble for today). I will be matching it up with a gray tunic/tee and dark wash straight jeans (to be worn with a large cuff). I will add some silver jewelry. For footwear, I will probably wear gray booties. Still cool out, so cannot bare too much leg.

Friday. My challenge is to stay warm enough in what I brought with me and avoid going shopping for warm layers that I really don't need.
I am wearing the NYDJs again because they are heavy, the floral sweatshirt tee over an LLBean silk layering tee, probably the navy jacket, and leopard crocs with wool socks...not a good look but what I have for a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures in the 20's F and it is still snowing. Big activity is to drive out to the house we are buying and be there when an inspector is doing his/her thing, take measurements and photos. Scary stuff.

Congratulations on finding a house, Joy.

Yay Joy! Glad you found a house. Good luck with the inspection. Stay warm.

Congrats on your new home Joy.
The jacket I decided to keep works well with today's challenge. So then I decided to try my infamous purple jacket with the same items and this is definitely the best it has looked. Still not sure about bare ankles and jackets. If I'm cold enough for a jacket my feet/legs are cold. I'll see if I brave it tonight. I don't have far to walk between the parking lot and the building.

Good work, Barbara Diane. I'm so happy it worked for you. A purple jacket sounds lovely to me (even with bare ankles).