Some of you remember the Leith track pants that several YLFers got. I think it is 3 years now. They were one of my first YLF- inspired purchases and have been a very happy find and led a long life. They were not super expensive or luxe fabric but somehow nicely made. They still actually worked better than some newer styles-- just a good " fit" for me.
They finally started separating along the seam and not just the stitching, which I might have mended, but the fabric was fraying and giving way.

I did have a moment of thinking, oh no, how will I replace their particular function in my wardrobe , but also was happy that I had really worn them a lot , had no regrets, and could look if I want for " the next new thing". So I was truly able to thank them for their service and bid them a fond farewell.

I'd like to have more of my wardrobe come in and go out this way!

How about you -- any recent clothing departures that felt especially ok due to faithful service?