I still remember the day when we met for the first time. In the beginning I had my doubts that I ever can have a relationship with you. Then I saw you online and decided to check you out - just for fun and not really believing into anything.
And then we met in that dressing room in Nordstrom - and the rest was history. It was love from the first sight - or rather from the first try on. You had a soft touch, forgiving nature and made me look and feel good - what else a girl can ask for from a boyfriend?! I was not really sure we can make it work in a long run ( can a prince charming from a fitting room turn into an ugly orphaned frog at home?) but I was willing to risk it and give it a try.

Well, you passed the real life test with flying colors. Our first outing together was a resounding success and I have never looked back. You went with me to work, on travels and to run casual errands on the weekends and were always true to your nature - soft, forgiving and flattering.

We had so much fun together over the last 2 years but unfortunately the day came when we need to part ways with you. This is not your fault at all, you are still the same soft, forgiving and flattering boyfriend a girl can dream of - but I have changed now. We are not a perfect match anymore and I feel that there is too much of you in all the wrong places and it makes me unhappy when we are together. I cannot do you the justice you deserve anymore because I cannot fill you up as well as I did before. It pains me to say good bye but I have no choice.

Fortunately you found a new loving home with my girlfriend now and it made the parting so much easier than if I had to abandon you to perfect strangers. I hope you will be as happy with her as you were with me and I will never forget you! These images of our happy times together will stay with me forever!

Farewell my boyfriend and please do not be angry with me: you know that I needed to lose that extra weight, which now made our relationship impossible to continue. I hope there will be another boyfriend in my future as soft, forgiving and flattering as you were but who is more suited to a new me.
I will remember you always with love!!!!

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