My garden look is definitely a big step down from your cute outfit. My 45+ wear shirt, chinos bought on a non returnable sale that turned out to be baggy, blue clogs, and garden hat do the job. How do you stay clean in shorts?

I don't garden but there are other occasions where I have the same dream life/reality moments.
You look very cute in your outfit .

Haha! @bonnie - I don’t! I’ve been digging over some sections of a garden as I try to eradicate an invasive plant. My legs were pretty dirty and I had grass stains on my knees. Even with gardening gloves, I had dirt under my nails. It all came out in the shower with vigorous use of soap, a nail brush, and a face cloth.

Well jeez, you are a pretty polished gardener, I must say!

#1 needs those boots for tramping through the mud! That's a great outfit for a warm sunny day out with the plants.

I wish I felt as well dressed and cute as you look when I'm piddling in my container garden