I don't love "feminine" footwear. Pointy heels, pointy toes, low vamps, etc. don't do very much for me as a general rule. I'm trying to build out my footwear collection this year to include a couple dressier, or at least smart-casual styles. I'm not in need of office wear or cocktail party shoes, just stuff that will work for the occasional meeting, possibly a job interview, and low-key weddings/holiday parties/etc.

I'm in the process of trying on black oxfords, looking for something refined enough to not say "postal service" -- I have a pair of Fryes and a pair of Nisolos on the way. I'm also thinking of adding a refined chelsea boot or similar ankle height option, and maybe a simple lightweight loafer (though they are really difficult for me to fit, so maybe a ballet flat or ghillie flat or mary jane is a better option). I'm also attracted to some of the laceless oxfords floating around out there. I prefer wearing flat shoes but 1-2 inch heels aren't off the table if the shoe is comfortable. I need a wide toebox too!

Some Finds below as a brainstorm, but I would love some recommendations to narrow my options. TIA.