Hi fabbers!

I haven't been around much lately, although I have been stalking. I got busy with a bunch of stuff (all good) and was also in need of a big break from all forms of social media.

I could use some ideas for my fall/winter wardrobe and would love to hear what you think.

Like last spring, I needed to replenish, but not quite as much. Here are the new jeans, boots, sweaters/tops I've bought this fall, plus one sparkly top for the holidays and a new black hobo bag. I have a bunch of good older stuff in my closet too, but what I'm posting here is pretty representative of my wardrobe overall. The cashmere sweater with stars is more blue than shown in the find. I've been wearing most of it except a few of the warmer sweaters which it has not been cold enough for yet. All pretty basic, neutral, and casual. I'm happy with the quality overall, which was not always my pattern in the past so that is good. I already have some good coats (red, royal blue, black) and toppers plus a pretty extensive collection of scarves.

I would love to hear any suggestions you might have that would spice up this wardrobe.

For example I'm thinking of adding a bright red sweater maybe with a diagonal hem, brown booties, pants in tan or brown, the HEWI perfect leopard bag, a leopard scarf.....now that I think about it that set of items would make a great outfit!