A couple WIWs are included in the thread below.

For those interested in capsule wardrobes, I thought I'd post the majority of my fall/winter capsule. Last winter's clothes are too big and I've had to rebuild my fall/winter wardrobe. My additions for fall/winter have continued with my palette of burgundy/wine, rust/orange, olive, navy, and cream. Fortunately, several pieces from spring and summer, including toppers, work blouses, and skirts will transition fine into this season and mix and match well with new additions (not pictured). For example, I have two cream tops and floral print that I will use this fall to lighten this palette. Nearly all purchases, except some knitwear, are in petite sizes. 

My new purchases (mostly covered in Finds below) have focused on the following areas, thus far:
- tweed Moto jacket that I wear predominantly as a fall outerwear, but can also be worn as an indoor topper. It incorporates my entire color palette in the tweed (except cream).
- bootcut pants: 3 pairs, wine, dark olive, and mid-wash jeans (this is an essential for my 'uniform silhouette' for colder temperatures)
- casual knitwear tops and sweaters: several can be 'dressed up' for work by wearing with dress pants, necklaces, and scarves (I have stopped buying in this category because it is now well covered)
- one dressier long sleeve top that doesn't need a topper (WHBM in cream/burgundy floral)
-burgundy and wine sweater from Edinburgh. Not pictured, but I hope to add that find this weekend.
- mulled wine velvet top from Boden (not pictured, arrives later this week) -- if it fits as I hope it does, it will be the core piece for my 'holiday capsule'. My holiday events are all casual, so this velvet top can be mixed into my wardrobe and changed up with necklaces and scarves to have a different outfit for each event. 
- two scarves are key to this capsule: the green and burgundy in the find below, as well as the cream and rust scarf (not pictured below but shown in previous post with COS sweater), it keeps 'disappearing' from my finds)
- burgundy REI down puffer jacket, hip length (not pictured)

Remaining gaps:
- winter coat! Last year's is way too big. The Boden navy Conwy coat I ordered was not as flattering as I wanted it to be (too straight a cut), so I've returned it. It was very nicely made and high quality.
- sleeved, colorful (I have enough navy) work tops for under toppers
- sweater dress
- tall boots -- I am having a really difficult time finding boots that don't look like flower pots or hit my knee. Not in the budget this year, but perhaps next year I'll consider custom.

I continue to have fun experimenting with different silhouettes at the stores, but find that I do lean heavily towards my two favorites: bootcut pants with a close fitting top, pencil skirts, and sheath dresses. But I occasionally break those 'rules', with the COS orange sweater and with a Burgundy tunic sweater paired with skinnies.