I went back and counted exactly how many items I have in my fall/winter wardrobe not including gear/purses/jewelry, layering tees, underwear or coats. I wear layering tees everyday in the cooler months to help me stay warm. The total number of items is 136. The total includes shoes/booties/boots. It was interesting that I have around 10-12 items in each category except sweaters which is my largest category with over 30 items and skirts which is my smallest category with only 5 items. This is the smallest my fall/winter wardrobe has been since I was in High School. My focus this year was on building essentials. I believe I was successful, and am happy with what I have.

I find that I am wishing for some of the variety that my previous larger wardrobe gave me. I certainly do not want as much as I had in the past, but it would be nice to have a few additional items to round out what I already have now. The following is a list of what I think would be useful, and I am making it my 2015 fall/winter shopping list. This is rough, and clearly subject to change. It will be interesting to see what happens as the year goes on and I look back at this.

1. Leather moto jacket/leather jacket of some sort - preferably mid blue in color, or some other mid range color that will go with most of my wardrobe colors. Mid green (Jade or Emerald) would also be a good choice.
2. Dresses with or w/o sleeves (4 + 1)- style appropriate to wear to work, and to religious services, or to local shows, knee length or just slightly above knee (this means no shorter than 38"), preferably in a solid color, but can have a small print, no grey! Must be in a color, no white (already own). Can be sheath or fit and flare style. Empire may also possibly work. Shirt dress possibly. Nothing baggy or boxy. Wrap dresses OK. Keep eye out for DVF T72 Style in great prints in my colors) (My personal favorite type of Wrap) One very nice dress appropriate for dressy event, fundraisers, college graduations, receptions, etc.
3. Button down blouses in colors (2-3) - blue, green, print, maybe yellow
4. 2 Tunic tops in colors or prints, to wear with my skinny jeans.
5. Vest of some sort in a neutral (maybe leather?/ maybe tweed?/maybe asymmetric?)- I need to look at some pictures to figure this one out
6. Blazers (2) if I can find any! (one in a neutral and one in a color) - so far my lifelong quest to find a blazer has been unsuccessful, but I will keep trying to find one!
7. Bangles - white gold/silver
8. Earrings/necklaces - pearl/white gold/silver
9. Purses - 1 white, 1 red, 1 pink; 1 clutch possibly metallic silver? (All must be lightweight - less than 1.5 pounds before I add my belongings)
10. Footwear - white booties/ light colored shoes, navy shoes/booties/boots, cognac boots (if weatherproof only), red (to replace an old pair)/wildcard
11. Two wildcard sweaters - I can't go through a season without adding a sweater, so I have to put this on my list
12. Scarves with patterns (2-3)
13. Wool coat +/- (I can still get by with my Cole Hahn, so this is only if I find something I really really love)
14. Interesting wool skirt

It looks like a fairly long list, but I haven't considered things this carefully before making a list so I am happy with the result. For me, this is significant progress. Now I need to go through the same process for my spring/summer wardrobe!

Thanks for reading!

Have you figured out what you will be needing for next year?