LucyRose, your illustration style is so awesome and always a treat! I love how you wear Angie's latest love

This will look STUNNING on you Angie!

Lol Deborah - my thoughts exactly

Love these colors in combination and I'm pretty sure you wear a turtleneck better than anyone else.

You're all lovely and FUNNY. Thanks for the compliments and chuckles. Lucy Rose is wearing the outfit already. Great pic.

I'm surprised to hear that Debs and Shannon would wear a big bow on their waist. Interesting.

YES. I wear a lot of citron and blush, and lower heels are always an option. If the actual pieces are a bust - I am at the very least inspired to recreate the look in some way. Retro Futurism for the win.

If that bow can hide wobbly bits BRING IT ON (lol)!

Aha. Got it. Camouflage for the win.

This is an outfit made for your style, Angie! Just slip the pumps on long enough for a good pic, and then search for a more comfy alternative! What about leaving part of the slit? (I think I'd try this line of skirt in an inverted pleat for my climate).

Wow - that is totally you, Angie. I find that colour combo so unexpected really, but gorgeous especially for you. Hope it works out, at the very least I'm sure you can recreate it.

Surprised no one's commented on the matching pattern on shoes and purse. How comfortable would you all be with that as an element?

I agree- very YOU, Angie. I like the slouchy turtleneck aspect.

Retro Futurism sounds right : a combination of your retro glam and your crisp modern styles.
The look would be a fabulous Fall version of your "high tea" outfit.

Of course, you need a citron turtleneck. You already have the blush moto to recreate the colour palette. (Citron decidedly looks good with pastels, I loved the look of your citron sweater with the seafoam moto, too).
Oh, and imagine it's the same colour as your citron peacoat : you can do the Modern Mod twin-set trick

I can totally see you rocking this, Angie. One of the recent featured bloggers by Inge raved about the JCrew pumps, so maybe there is hope they're comfy?

Thanks, ladies. You're wonderful.

Beth Ann, leaving part of the slit is a good idea.

Rambling Ann, how does that part of the outfit concern you? Personally, I'd be 100% comfortable sporting the matchy-matchy vibe of the patterned shoes and bag.

Skylurker, I'm impressed. You can be my wardrobe consultant. Your memory is amazing.

Angie, it's not so much a concern as matchy-matchy accessories is something I don't recall seeing as deliberate as this in a while. Old is new and all that, I guess. I love dramatic shoes as a focal point. Myself, I don't change bags often, so that's why I was curious what others thought.

I'm relieved to hear it's "wardrobe consultant" and not "creepy stalker" that comes to your mind

Stunning. I love it. I haven't yet looked at J Crew's fall lookbook but if this is any indication of the rest of it .....great! This colour combination is beautiful too . I can absolutely see you in this , and really look forward to doing just that:)

Playing with YLF new search engine
I could dig up Angie's holiday outfit very easily.

Wooohoooo, Skylurker. Good job. And I have both the jumper and the skirt hanging in my closet.

Skylurker you get the archivist job you have been vying for ;-)!

Are you teasing us, Angie:-). Just gorgeous! Can't wait:-))

YES! I'm teasing you ALL. Soon you shall see my holiday outfit.

Skylurker is Queen YLF Archives.