So all summer long I, along with other YLF members, seemed to agree
that it is difficult dressing for summer heat. Many said they were
going to make efforts to find a way to make it more interesting. Color,
jewelry, very light layering, belts, and shoes were all being used to
great advantage from what I recall. I saw some very interesting outfits
and was inspired nearly every time I visited.

Fast forward to now - late fall or winter for many - and it seems that
while there are still fantastic outfits, a lot of them are sort of -
well I'll just say it - sort of the same. Dark pants abound, as do dark
boots, sweater or button downs layered under cardigans. Lots of black,
dark blue, dark green, grey, and deep burgundy. It's almost like
everyone is wearing the "winter uniform" of dark on bottom, lighter on
top and dark topper with maybe a scarf thrown in for some color. Which
I know, should be fine and dandy but I guess I'm missing some of the
interesting silhouettes of summer.

Maybe these darker colors just don't photograph as well, but my
impression when I open the front Forum page these days has been that
maybe fall/winter fashions aren't necessarily more exciting than
summer. I'm kind of missing the linen, white, neon brights, pastels,
and other fun colors from summer. I'm missing all the interesting
sandals and the more creative shapes of some of the clothes.

Is it just me having pre-Holiday blues or something? I have been working a lot and haven't had much time to think about fashion. And I will admit I've
been lightening up my entire home decorating wise so it could just be
that I'm having one of those "I miss the beach" moments where I want
weathered driftwood tones and floaty spa like colors.

I'm going to make an effort to wear some lighter colors this winter. I
have the added advantage of mostly warm weather of course but it's not
like it doesn't freeze here. We already had two nights of hard freeze
temps and more are on the way as I type.