These are some of the items that are on my shopping list. I have reviewed my Fall and Winter Wardrobe and noted what is missing.

My Style Words are Natural Earthy Minimalist, and my colour palette is Warm Autumn.

1/ Dress Jeans
I am looking for a pair of high-rise, wide-legged jeans. These are for going to concerts, out to dinner and other special events. I have ordered the Everlane Mariner jeans in a dark wash. They may fit the bill.
I want the dark denim Jesse Kamm Sailor Pants, but I am trying to find a substitute.

2/ Special Night Top
Because my style is minimalistic, when we do go out, I rely on jewellery to dress up my outfit. I have some nice shirts for the warmer months, but I find when the weather gets cooler, my wardrobe is missing something. My sweaters seem too functional.
I am looking for a top that works with jeans in my colour palette. I might go with a Cayenne colour button-up from Power of My People. Another option is a Rusty Red Cashmere Sweater from Everlane or an Olive raw silk blouse from Harly Jae.

3/ Blazer
This has been on my wishlist for a few years.

4/ Footwear
I hope to find brown ankle boots with my new jeans.

Some of my ideas are in the Finds. I am open to any ideas.