Now that we've edited our closets out, it's time to think of re-filling them!
Just kidding! But I am trying to add strategically. Here's my list:

Another  midi length dress and/or skirt (I'm working on these and will post at another time). I've been trying and failing on this front, except for this tulle midi skirt. (Bought previously and I don't have a pic of me in it right now, but I like it.

Knee boots - will probably post about this too. I'm wavering between one style in leather by Sofft, or in synthetic by Euro Soft (essentially the same boot but cheaper. I already have the latter but want to return and order the former instead.)

Plaid topper of some kind - I'd like to invest in a Boden piece, but my finances through the end of the year may not allow it due to travel and the holidays, especially if I spring for the leather boots (more of a need, there). I may be tabling this till January, as a result.

An ivory sweater - a bit chunky, as I'm seeing models being styled with chunky knitwear over their midis. ETA - I forgot the salient bit - why ivory? I'm feeling that as a neutral for my wardrobe now that I'm moving away from grey. I have plenty of my other two neutrals, black and navy.

More tops that are cropped (kinda) on my short waist - I can't really wear true high rise pants, but I can show off the rises on the pants I do have with cropped tops.

ETA: I'd like a trendy jean and I'm always on the lookout for toppers I can wear at work - things like a gilet or vest I can throw over a long sleeved shirt

I have my eye on some other stuff that I can't prioritize due to finances. I also have to be VERY strict about what I do keep. So without further ado, I tried on the following in BR today and would like your thoughts.

1. Cropped top - I am not usually a bit fan of a rib knit, but I don't find it to be a dealbreaker in this case, for whatever reason. I like this on. I think this top could have versatile applications for work and casual, and with skirts and pants and jeans. That said, I have a lot of bulk around my upper hips that I need to try to hide most days, due to wearing an SI belt for my back, which creates muffin top even when it's not very tight. That means this top would currently work well only with fluid bottoms (or if I layer over it somehow), and not the type jeans I'm wearing here.

I don't  know how temporary that state of affairs will be, but it's possible to wear the belt only when I'm out of doors (with a coat over me), as I don't have a strong need to be wearing it all day at work, for example. I mostly need it outside  on the pavement. I suppose even this limit to its use should count the top out, since it's less useful for current needs, but I'm kind of frustrated that my back injury has affected my life so much already. I don't want it to claim how I dress, too (though it's inevitably changed my shoe wardrobe a bit).

2 & 3 Ivory sweater - I liked it in the store, but am not so sure now that I see the picture (especially the one from the front). Maybe I'm used to sweaters that are even longer? Also, how much wear I get out of this will depend on what kind of winter we have. We had two frigid winters followed by a relatively mild one. I'm wondering if I'd be served better overall by a lighter weight ivory sweater, even though what I wanted in theory was a chunky one. This will cover my SI belt, so I'm good there.

BTW - The jeans are from BR because I had a dress on today and needed a bottom to try things with. They're nice, if a bit too form fitting for my taste and current situation, but I was never considering them.

ETA - I’m adding outfit lab-ish pics of manly the striped top, as well as one of the sweater how I’d hoped to style it (it’s too hot to keep it on for more). My home mirror is as usual poorly lit and kind of widening, but I decided that hanging it up in my tiny bathroom doesn’t help matters much (there is literally nowhere else to hang it). I am going to hold on to my comments on these so as not to bias anyone. These are all without the SI belt.

4 With tulle skirt
5 with olive jeans
6 with faux suede skirt
7 with distressed jeans and yikes, these jeans shrunk or something because I do NOT like how they look on me anymore. I may be adding to that pass on pile.
8 with trouser jeans
9 ivory sweater with midi skirt

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