I packed away some of my “high summer” items this week. Even though we’re approaching 80 in the afternoons, with a 90-degree heatwave predicted for the weekend, I’m feeling pretty tired of some of my high-wear summer items (linen pants, denim shorts, etc) and ready to move on. I’ve brought out my wool sweaters, but am going to hold off wearing them, and enjoy the last few weeks when cotton is warm enough. I’m also holding off on boots for now and enjoying my sandals and flats while the weather is warm and dry. September is the most shoe-friendly month in New England.

My fall wardrobe is just shy of 80 items (not counting gear or undergarments). I anticipate saying goodbye to a few of these before the season is over, and adding in a few new items as well. Breakdown is as follows:

9 casual pants, 2 dressy pants

2 casual skirts, 1 dressy skirt

4 dresses -- can dress up or down

12 cotton jersey tops (a mix of short sleeve tees, henleys, bretons, and tank tops)

8 casual cotton (woven) shirts, 2 dressy (silk) tops

4 pullover sweaters and 1 cardigan,

3 hoodies and 1 crewneck sweatshirt

5 casual toppers

2 blazers

4 gear-casual outer layers (rain shell, softshell, puffy vest, puffy jacket)

9 shoes (3 sneakers, 4 casual boots, 2 dressy-ish -- oxford and mary-jane)

Over 50% of these items see year-round wear. Most of them are in heavy rotation, except for the few dressy/formal items, which I consider to be their own capsule, due to my extremely casual lifestyle. From time to time I will dress down a blazer or a silk top, but only for occasions when I’m not around children or pets, which is pretty rare! (Actually, I’ve been “saving” my white jeans and white denim jacket for kid-free occasions too, otherwise they would be perpetually soaking in peroxide solution!)

As I mentioned, this list doesn’t include specialized clothes: backpacking and running gear, my chore/painting clothes, or my lounge/sleepwear, or my undergarments/hosiery. All important, but not categories where I’m prone to overbuying, so I don’t really bother to count.

My shopping list for the rest of the year:

1 or 2 full midi skirts

1 or 2 pants/jeans

1 or 2 dresses/jumpsuits

1 or 2 sweaters/cardis

1 or 2 pairs boots/booties

NO tops! It is waaay too easy for me to buy tops and I don’t need anymore (I say this every single season, but, obviously, if the right one rolls around…).

(ETA: Sorry this is in bold; I copied and pasted from my Notepad app, and my phone freezes when I try to un-bold it or add bullet points to the lists. Ah well.)