Just reporting in on a few purchases. Several things have gone back, but these three are staying.

Black lug sole oxfords from a favorite of mine, Maguire, a Montreal-based shoe company founded by sisters. Fabulous - like the OAS shoes Preppy Pear just posted, these ride a nice line between refined and hefty. https://maguireshoes.com/

Boden vest: lightweight cashmere, not the softest ever but certainly sufficient. I got the small, which fits me like it does in the picture - a roomy slim fit, I would say, and it will look fab over a crisp white shirt.

COS sweater: This is the one I would recommend to anyone wanting these colors in a punchy unusual print. It's a heavy, finely knit cotton - almost feels like there is nylon or something in it to give it weight and finish. The sleeves are AMAZING with the stripe. So excited to wear this.

Like Janet, I will be in NYC this weekend, and I expect to do a bit of shopping. Hoping I have something to report next week!

And a question: does anyone have a good source for sheer patterned ankle socks like those shown with the oxfords?