It’s not yet cooling down enough for me to think of fall wardrobe updates. I’ve done some editing, removing several items which I didn’t wear the last couple of winters, or in the current season, to the benefit of a cash-on-the-spot shop and local thrift shop donation. My deletions were in all categories, work out jackets and barely worn shirts, blazer and wool collarless jacket, tired tops, 4 (!!!) sleeveless black dresses, 3 with price tags still attached (hangs head in shame), two camel pencil skirts, and recently purged 10 pairs of shoes.

Now I’ve browsed a couple of local shops and nothing appeals, probably because of the heat, and the feeling that I really like and enjoy wearing what’s currently in my closet, don’t feel a need to augment just for entertainment. However I ordered 3 pairs of shoes today. I’ve been stalking black loafers awhile, and since our local department stores are dying like flies - 4 national companies - I must admit the only way I’m going to access a wide range of choices is order and try on. So here are the pairs I ordered. Hopefully one or both will be successful, and the new fall-ish Cons, too.