These on trend cuffed wide leg Pilcro jeans are winners on a range of clients - and me Curvier and straighter clients alike. The substantial denim glides over the contour of your body and fits your figure, IYKWIM. Not too wide. Versatile, forgiving, and very comfy. Pics taken in the Anthropologie dressing room.

They aren't that high rise - (although described as high rise) - because I'm short in the rise, and these work well. The cuffs are sewn in place, so they can't be hemmed easily. (I'm 5 ft 6). Perfect pant lengths with flat loafers. Try them if you're looking for similar!

When I don't want to wear white jeans, I kept reaching for faded blue Spring/Summer jeans - of which I only have one pair. (Passed on two pairs in January). Wardrobe hole. So I filled the hole with these. Happy!

My #OOTD (yesterday): Old items except for the gold loafers, which was another wardrobe hole I filled. Perfect match with a gold belt I already had. Wore the loafers out shopping with a client, and they went the distance. Sized down and added an insole.

Jo in a collar to match

It has been unseasonably cold here the last 6 weeks - hence I'm wearing jeans. Warming up soon though. xo