I ordered #1 in a large! It is such a nice mix of colors and a little dressier. Looking at their sizing chart I think I'm probably between the medium and large but probably smarter to err on the bigger side?

Thanks for MORE validation Denise, and knew you'd like the ruffles, Sharan.

Donna, order an M too.

I love #1! The discreet ruffle is very reminiscent of a couple of "preppy" blouses I had in the early 80s. The length and torso of your blouse look generous. Is the sleeve fairly generous, too. On the model it looks fairly slim.

What a fun thread - hope to see some of these shirts in action!

What a fun top, I haven't been in BR for a while now. It's time to take a peek. My holiday top this year was from another store I did not visit for a while, Express.


Thanks, Angie. You helped me fill a wardrobe hole. Trying the first plaid shirt. Love the colors and it seems perfect for the holidays.

Nice top, Lisa.

Beth Ann, it was that modern '80s touch that attracted me to the blouse in the first place. High five.

Eliza, wooohoooo.

Jaime, thanks for cheering us on.

Angie, are you wearing it today? If so, we are twins!!!!!!!

Tonight, abc, so YES! We will be shirt twins today. Fun, and high five.

Today, I'm wearing this - with the blouse out, and with a thermal heattech tee, of course. Almost Ink-Out:

High five, for sure!! YAY! I forgot you bought the shirt to wear for the party. I hope you have a super fun time and I love the daytime outfit too.

Angie, I'm running to BR later to get the flannel top, and I'm inclined to try on this ruffle one you're wearing today too!

Wow, 100% cotton and a button down shirt and a cute pattern..? I think I might try some.. Looks good to me!

That top with the red skirt is major happiness to my eye!!!

SQUEE!!! I was able to nab #1 in a small at the store and got 40% off to boot!! Fits TTS with a smidge of wiggle room in the torso. It will go with my four skirts in green, black, charcoal grey, and cobalt. Also with my white jeans, dark blue bootcuts, and black dress pants. Can't wait to wear it!

Well it's 8 days after ordering and I just received notice that they just shipped it... due to arrive in a week and a half. Yay : ) and UGH so long! : ( Hopefully it will be quicker than that.

So I finally received #1 and of course Angie was right on! It is lovely! I love it! I was between sizes and ordered the larger. Angie suggested ordering both, but the smaller size was sold out. It is a little on the big side but much better than being too small. I am wearing it at work today so I'll do a WIW post. Thanks Angie! : )