YAY. We will report back soonest on what works and what doesn’t.

Love the hint of spring in this dress. I will be easy to wear for 3 seasons of the year. Can't wait to see it in action!

I decided to join this party and ordered the purple and blue (called "grey") in a couple of sizes. I want to try wearing more dresses this spring. That slightly above the waist waistline (or so it looks to me) might hit me right at the waist which could be great. Also seems it could be very easy to shorten to a regular non-assym hem length if it seems too long or fussy in it's original form.

I just want to say it's taken every ounce of energy I can muster NOT to jump on this bandwagon!!! What a fab dress, and I am sure it will look great on everyone! But I purchased 4 dresses that I can recall last year, and all are wonderful - so I just have to sit this out. I'm looking forward to seeing this dress on you all.

I couldn’t resist the polka dot and the solid blue. My summer dresses were just worn out by the end of last summer. I’m trying both in a US 4 and a US 6. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I guessed correctly. Thank you Angie for bringing these dresses to our attention, I’m wearing so many layers right now that it is hard to believe that summer will ever return!

PSA for Canadians - I think it is the same dress in plum available at The Bay for $60 Canadian. A bit more expensive but easier to return.

Love polkadots, and the asymmetric hem adds interest.

FYI I got the purple one in the mail today. TTS and extremely comfortable. Not sure about the whole part above the waist on me. Unflattering, or am I just unused to this silhouette?

I know the pic is dark. I went to the best light I could get right now.

I was really tempted by this dress until I noticed that it is 100% polyester. Do you think it will be comfortable in high summer?
Your vacation sounds like perfection, Amalfi coast is on my list too.

Christina F- I do think it’s flattering on you, from what I can see in the picture. Are there particular elements of the draping around the waist that you don’t like?

Christina - I think you will get mote visibility with a new thread on your try on. TBH, it’s hard to see the details, though I totally know how hard it is to selfie details on something dark with questionable lighting.

As the the polyester, what may be Angie’s summer dress could potentially be a spring, fall, even winter dress for those in warmer climates. Hard to know without trying it.

I think I’m just not used to a neckline that hits me where that one does. I plan to doa thread soon but wanted to post here for the people wondering how it looks in person. I’m going to wait till the weekend when I can take pics with more light.

Quick chime in, then I'm heading back to my rock.

Christina, from what I can see, the dress is very flattering. Fit is excellent. Elegant drape. DIFFERENT.

Thanks, Angie! I think it's the different-ness of it that's throwing me, but it has a sophistication that I'm starting to want for dressier occasions, which some of my other dresses lack. It's hard for me to assess new items right now, as my one mirror is broken and in a tiny, dark bathroom. I have to do something about that. (I had to go to the lobby of my building for that pic.) I'm going to try some styling options and get my husband to take pics.

The fit is very, very good. It's close to being too long for my short torso, but not quite. So it's TTS, as you said it would be. So in case anyone was wondering how the dress fits, I figured i'd post even the inferior picture.