Oooh! Team Polka Dot is back! I ordered one and with my $20 in Nordies notes, the outlay was only $20. I hope I guessed right on size -- do you think a size 6 will work for me?

Ooh, great polka dot dress, Angie! It was made for big pearls.

That dress was made for a trip to Amalie, Angie!

I adore the striped dress; it's currently sold out. I'm also thinking about the solid purple...

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. For those who have also ordered the dresses - hope they work.

Style Fan, no, it's a cool purple.

Janet, the striped dress is available on the Topshop site in more sizes. I bought mine there.

Laura, order a Topshop US 8 too.

Angie -gorgeous dress! I suspect if it fits you well it is a no go for me, but how do you think a fuller busted petite would do in it? I’m typically a PS on top at Nordstrom, in things like this Caslon Top. 5’2” shortwaisted in misses, petites are usually good in waist.

I have just ordered the solid version of the striped dress in purple, too. One of my fashion goals for 2018 is to carefully add more purple to my wardrobe. I really hoped I guessed the sizing right ( ordered US 4 in both dresses) and that the dresses are not too short-waisted on me.

Oh - I just noticed you said it runs narrow!

Also noticed the words Amalfi Coast. Sounds heavenly!!

1. That is adorable!

2. I would be getting it if I weren't (a) on a shopping fast and (b) way too short for the asymmetric hem!

3. OMG you are going to have such fun in Amalfi!!

Tanya, that sounds dead right. I got the Topshop US2 and you usually wear one size up from me. It's divinely fitted on the torso.

Laura, YES. We have lots of fun trips planned this year. You can also hack the length of the dress if it's too long.

Karen13, it's more of a neck-length-thing. Long necks can wear higher necklines well despite the size of the bust. The polka dots might be worth a try.

Fabulous!! So glad you got two. I'm tempted by the striped one, I have to say! But it might be a bit bold for me. Plus, at -20C again today I can't even imagine wearing a dress....

Suz, the jury is still out on the stripe, but the purple was gorgeous on my 5ft 10 client yesterday. I will report back. And these are high Summer dresses for me too - just buying way ahead of time because dresses are HARD and you don't find them when you look for them. I will be wearing these from June onwards. Wrap up!

So, Angie, the reviews are saying it fits LARGE. Can that be true? I know Topshop is usually small...(considering the purple)

Suz, you mean for the striped dress silhouette? No. TTS. My client fit a US12 yesterday, and she is a US12. The polka dots runs small. I'm in a US2. I ordered the stripe in a US0 and US2.

Very fab, love the Amalfi coast.

Does anyone know if that draped midi dress runs narrow as well? I'm interested in the plum and unsure of Topshop sizing. According to Nordie's I should order a 10 since I'm usually a 10 in dresses.

ETA: Never mind. Saw Angie already answered this. Off to order!

What a great style, Angie. I love the dots for you. The striped one will be gorgeous, too. This is a style I would wear! (If I wore dresses, and I do, but not as often as I keep thinking I want to!)

Apparently no shipping to Canada for this dress from the Nordstrom site...which is odd. I'm obsessed with it now.

LisaP, it's because The Bay has exclusive TopShop in Canada. So it might be on The Bay site. I didn't look yet.

Angie, I meant the purple version but I might order the polka dot, too. Is the sizing the same in both? I'm a US 0 or 2 depending on brand. 0 for box stores (eg. BR); 2 for some others.

Hi Angie: that's a truly adorable dress! and with what you plan on wearing it with too~ Tres Chic~Please do show pics of your vaca.....fab to the max, love traveling more than anything~
Listen I have a couple questions, if you're reading this:
1) why do" finds" have to be current items we find on the internet? ie. I shop in Europe and in thrift/consignment shops, where I've found the most gorgeous items; how do I post these?
2) How do I even add things to my pics? I see people's fab pics, they all have a little "i" at the bottom left. OK, I'm a computer dummy, please help me if you can.
Thank you so much~

Suz - it's on the Bay's site , in polka dot for $35 and in purple, for $60 Not sure polka dot is avail in your mini-size though Purple is there in mixed sizes, but not mine. Topshop sizing is so off though, I trust nothing until I actually see it and try it on.

Angie, gorgeous dress. I love the polka dot and striped versions. Also just have to say Positano, while on the Almafi coast. My favorite spot (wink). Sooooo romantic.

Thanks, Lisa -- I haven't pulled a trigger yet but might, though I am still boycotting The Bay.

Violettt -- You can add "Custom Finds" of your own items if you take photos.

The little "i" at the bottom won't appear if it is a custom find -- it's information about where to buy, etc.

(I'm back - have been with clients all day).

Christina F, the plum dress runs more TTS.

Suz, you might like to try the polka dot in a US2 and US4, since your shoulders are broader than mine. Try a US0 and US2 in the purple.

Lisa p, Topshop sizing is very inconsistent, but perhaps try the polka dot. Size up one size. That's what I did.

mthsofthemoon, you are lovely. We are staying in Positano and Sorrento.

Thank you, Angie! I'm going to see if it's still available. I think I would need a larger size than you for sure, particularly with recent weight gain.

Thanks Angie - not available here ( sold out from the looks of it ) .

Thanks Angie! I did order that size. I’m looking for a slightly more sober winter dress and this may fit the bill.

I ordered to try in purple and polka dot -- we'll see if they work! I was thinking last summer that I was tired of my tube skirts, loyal servants that they were/ are...yet I really like a simple jersey skirt or dress because it is easy for travel. This could be a fun new silhouette to make a change.

Did you try them with a cropped denim jacket, Angie? What other kind of topper will work do you think?

rotten luck, Lisa. NEXT. 

Christina, hope the frock works out. I'll ley you know if my stripe works out. 

Suz, fingers crossed. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nice tube skirt update, hopefully. YES to my denim jackets as a topper. OF COUSRE! See Finds. The first one is extremely cropped and fitted. The second is short and quite fluid. The third in longer and roomier. The last is longest and roomiest. I'll try them all. 

These short and fitted jackets could also work. Coral and navy.

Thanks, Angie! I should do well then -- I have two cropped denim jackets (one white) and one mixed media similar to yours (but mine has the leather sleeves). And a couple of other shorter jackets as well. Who knows....maybe even the military jackets, though I'm not sure about the colour combos.

Crossing fingers they work out, but I'll be easily able to return if not because I went with the Bay -- it was just as inexpensive for me from there.